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Out with the Oni! In with Happiness!

February 3, 2012

Oni "Demons"

Today, February 3rd, marks the beginning of spring, or Setsubun in Japanese culture. Setsubun is also called the “Bean-Throwing Festival” because people throw roasted soybeans at oni (Japanese demons) to drive away evil and to bring forth happiness in the new year. L and S show how easy it is to make your own oni with paper plates, markers, and yarn.

Roasted soybeans to throw at oni.

We threw our roasted soybeans outside (in the snow) and shouted “out with the oni!, in with happiness!” I’m sure with that, we’ll have good luck in 2012. We were supposed to eat one soybean for each year of our lives, but we ate a whole lot more. That’s okay, I think.

L and S making oni masks. (Don't forget the horn and fangs.)


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