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Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day) is Almost Here!

February 28, 2012

L and S with their hina dolls and snacks

The girls were excited about the package that just arrived from Japan containing snacks for Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day). Thank you, Dad. Hinamatsuri takes place on March 3rd and is a festival that celebrates the beauty and future of girls. Like many Japanese holidays, there are traditional rituals and foods associated with it. Many Japanese families with girls display hina dolls, which depicts the emperor, empress and their attendants. The hina dolls can be simple to quite ornate; the ones that we display are made out of painted ceramic. Arare and hishi mochi are two traditional snacks that are served on Girl’s Day; they are made out of rice and colored a festive white, pink and green. Chirashi-zushi or mixed sushi is also eaten on Girl’s Day, and it includes many special and colorful ingredients.

Hina dolls are put on display for Hinamatsuri

The girls folded lots of origami cranes while eating arare, the puffy round crackers. We have yet to try the hishi mochi, which are the diamond-shaped, layered sweets made out of rice. The hishi-mochi that you see here is a representation of the real hishi-mochi, which is made from pounded glutinous rice or mochi.

Hishi mochi and arare

We can’t wait to eat chirashi-zushi this weekend!


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