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Girl’s Day 2012: Chirashi-zushi and Hello Kitty

March 3, 2012

Chirashi-zushi or "Mixed Sushi" is served on Girl's Day.

Today marks the Japanese holiday celebrating the life of girls. The holiday is called Hinamatsuri or Girl’s Day. Today we are having some traditional food, including sakura mochi and chirashi-zushi. More about Girl’s Day is on a previous post.

Chirashi-zushi is sushi rice that is mixed with vegetables and topped with egg, fish, and more vegetables. It is usually served family style in a large shallow bowl. The ingredients I chose are traditional and some of my favorite ingredients, as they add flavor, texture, and color. I mixed the sushi rice with seasoned shiitake mushrooms and carrots; then topped the rice with cooked lotus root, bamboo shoots, and snow peas. On top of everything are thin omelet “strings” (kinshi tamago) and thin strips of nori seaweed. Although I didn’t include any fish this time, it would be wonderful with cooked shrimp, crab meat and salmon roe.

L poses with mom's chirashi-zushi. What a good girl!

We went a little crazy at the Japanese store and got these Hello Kitty Cream Pans, sold only for Girl's Day.

Sakura Mochi filled with sweet bean paste (anko).

Sakura Mochi is also eaten on Girl’s Day. It is made with rice flour which is steamed, then folded around sweetened bean paste. It is wrapped in salted cherry leaves, which can also be eaten. Thankfully they are available at the Japanese store because I’ve heard that it is hard to make at home.

L eating her sakura mochi.

What happened to Hello Kitty's face?

  1. Those are absolutely adorable!

  2. Ellen Gabel permalink

    Hooray for girls! It looks like a wonderful and delicious tradition, your girls are very lucky 🙂

  3. Shigeru Narita permalink

    I am enjoying your cooking update.

    Enjoy our Kyushu tour photos.


  4. Such wonderful photos of your two daughters. Thank you.

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