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Become Friends with your Egg Buddies

March 23, 2012

Egg Buddies Bento

Barely had enough time to take these photos before the girls went to school, so sorry if they aren’t perfect. It was a little ambitious to take on this project in between,  “I want another bagel, where the jam, and mom, can you do my hair?”

I’ve been wanting to make these “egg buddies” for a while. I first got the idea from a manga book about Japanese food. I loved that book. I tried to remember as best I could what the egg buddies looked like. I think they’re supposed to be baby chicks and their eyes are made of black sesame seeds. The beak is a little piece of carrot. A piece of cucumber is hollowed out and the boiled egg is placed inside to make a little stand. As the Japanese girls would say: “kawaii!” (so cute!).

My girls like their onigiri without any filling (which is good because I didn’t have time to fill them anyway). I formed them into a triangle using a little salt on my hands and rolled them in furikake and black sesame seeds. There are many varieties of furikake (Japanese dried seasonings) in Asian stores.

Egg buddies bento with onigiri

Meanwhile, my husband didn’t get any egg buddies. He’s going to have to make friends with his ham and salami sandwich.


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  1. Shigeru Narita permalink


    The Egg bento look good. Most japanese kids
    bring that kind of sack bento to their schools.
    Combination of eggs and vege are important
    for kids health.

    • Thanks, they liked their lunches too. I’m going to try to make bento more often.

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