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Vegan Dashi Stock

April 13, 2012

Three ingredients are needed for vegan dashi: water, kombu and shiitake mushrooms.

Japanese dashi stock normally contains fish flakes which would be out of the question if you are following a vegan diet. If you would like to make vegan dashi follow this simple recipe:

4 cups water

4 x 4 inch piece dried kombu seaweed

2 dried shiitake mushrooms

Place all the ingredients in a glass bowl and cover. Let stand overnight on the counter. Remove the seaweed and mushrooms. Your dashi is ready to use.

Quick version:

Put the water,  mushrooms and seaweed in a small pot and bring it to a simmer. Remove the seaweed and continue to simmer with only the mushrooms for 10 more minutes. Remove the mushrooms and your dashi is ready to use.


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  1. elle permalink

    yay! vegan dashi! This is going to be so useful 😀 I always use kombu, but I love the shiitake idea

    • The mushrooms add a lot of strong flavor, so soaking for a few hours might be better than overnight (?). Try it and see what you prefer.

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