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“Lunch is a good past time” Bento

April 20, 2012

The top of the bento box reads: “We are passionate about lunch communication. Lunch is a good past time.”  I love Japanglish. The Japanese are quite serious about bento and lots of okazu, or side dishes to go with rice.

There are several okazu in today’s bento:

1. Potato salad with pesto and peas.

2. Seaweed salad seasoned with vinegar, salt and sesame oil.

3.  Quick pickles of Chinese cabbage, carrots and shiso leaf seasoned with shio-koji. Shio-koji was made with fermented rice called rice koji. More about shio-koji here.

4. Gyoza dumplings with ground pork, grated carrots, Chinese cabbage and garlic. Seasoned with soy sauce, ginger and garlic.

5.  Parboiled carrots and green beans.

6.  Plain steamed rice.

7. Dried baby anchovies cooked with sugar, mirin and soy sauce.

Have a great Friday!


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One Comment
  1. Bento looks so yum, Emi. Keep it up.

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