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Inari-Zushi Bento that kids won’t laugh at

April 27, 2012

L says that some of the kids laugh at her Japanese-style bento so I told her she could have regular sandwiches if she wanted instead. She said no, she would rather have bento even if it was different from the other kids’ lunches because she liked it better than sandwiches. Her older sister told her to use her lunch bag to block their view, so the next day she reported this strategy worked much better.

I felt kind of bad that they laughed at her bento, but I figure it’s only temporary – they’re only 6 years old. As they get older, they won’t do as much teasing. S says that her friends in 3rd grade thinks her bentos look great and they always ask her for a piece of seasoned nori.

This is my husband’s bento and the kids had similar bentos except for theirs didn’t include potatoes (which they don’t like).

Today’s bento features “small packages,” potato salad and fruit:

1. Purple new potatoes with Japanese mayo, pickled cucumbers.

2. Maki rolls with egg omelette, shiso leaf and blanched carrot.

3.  Shiso and blanched carrot wrapped in egg omelette and tied with kanpyo strips.

4. Inari-zushi with sushi rice enclosed in cooked abura-age pockets.

5. Fresh grapes, strawberries, cherry tomatoes and sweet peppers.

6. Kombu seaweed “bows.”

Have a great Friday!


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  1. R will be happy and proud of this bento lunch. Looks so healthy and beautiful!

    • Thanks. We got the Japanese snacks yesterday. Thanks a lot. The girls tried it with their friends. They were good. I’m looking forward to the dried potatoes. emi

  2. I know you felt sad, Emi. Kids can be mean. But, Sophia helps Lily and it is wonderful that Lily is independent. You are changing food habits in the school because now, the kids will start to like fruits and vegetables. Funny, Kathleen’s lunch mates–adults–also laughed at her healthy choices. Human nature never changes.

    • Thanks, Carol for writing. I hope you’re doing well. The girls are doing well, they still really like school. It’s diverse and a good experience overall. I’m looking forward to catching up with you!

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